Monday, October 25, 2010

CN domain name registration in China break 1.8 million

Yesterday, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) announced that, as at the end of December 2006, China's CN domain name registration has reached 1.8 million total, countries in the world rankings of top-level domain registrations up the fourth place.

According to CNNIC side introduced a year ago, the number of CN domain name registration has only 109 million in late 2006, this figure has risen 65.1%, especially in December submarine cable fault accident occurred, making CN domain name registrations to the rapid growth .

Furthermore, CNNIC also denied yesterday that the "CN domain names to price hikes" rumors. CNNIC Director Mao Wei said, CN domain name will not end the overall trend of rising prices, to maintain long-term rates than COM domain name.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Operating principle of gray pigeons

Remote Monitoring Software gray pigeons in two parts: client and server. Hackers (let so called it) manipulating the client, using client-side configuration generates a server program. Server file name defaults to G_Server.exe, then hacking through various channels to spread this server (commonly known as a Trojan). There are many types of Trojan horse means, for example, hackers can bind it with a picture, and then into a shy MM fake QQ the Trojan pass through you, trick you run; can also create a personal web page, luring you click, Using IE vulnerability to Trojan downloaded to your machine and run; can also upload files to a software download site, posing as an interesting software to trick users into downloading ... ..., which is contrary to the purpose we have developed gray pigeons, So this applies to those people to illegally install gray pigeons server users, help users remove the gray pigeons Vip 2005 service-side program. Most of the content of this article is taken from the Internet.

顥?顥?G_Server.exe run will copy itself to the Windows directory (98/xp under the windows directory for the system tray, 2k/NT disk for the system under the Winnt directory) and then released from the body and G_Server_Hook.dll G_Server.dll to the windows directory. G_Server.exe, G_Server.dll and G_Server_Hook.dll three documents form the gray pigeons with each other server, and some more gray pigeons, released a document called G_ServerKey.dll used to record keyboard. Note, G_Server.exe this name is not fixed, it can be customized, such as custom server-side file name A.exe, the generated file is A.exe, A.dll and A_Hook.dll.

顥?顥?Windows directory G_Server.exe file will register themselves as service (9X system started to write registry entries), each boot can be run automatically start G_Server.dll and G_Server_Hook.dll run and automatically exit. G_Server.dll file functions to achieve the back door, and control the client side to communicate; G_Server_Hook.dll through the intercept API calls to hide the virus. Therefore, the poisoning, we do not see the virus files, can not see the virus registered service entries. With the gray pigeons of different server settings file, G_Server_Hook.dll sometimes attached to Explorer.exe process space, sometimes it is attached to all processes.

Manual detection of gray pigeons

顥?顥?As the gray dove to intercept the API call, in normal mode, the server program files and its registered service items were hidden, meaning that even if you set the "show all hidden files" can not see them. In addition, the gray pigeons file name server also can customize it gave manual testing brings some difficulties.

顥?顥?However, through careful observation we found that, for the detection of gray pigeons still have rules to follow. From the above analysis of operating principle can be seen, regardless of custom server-side file name what is usually the operating system installation directory generates a "_hook.dll" at the end of the file. Through this, we can more accurately detect hand-gray pigeon server.

顥?顥?As the normal mode will hide their gray pigeons, so dove gray test operation must be carried out in safe mode. To enter safe mode is: start your computer, enter the Windows startup screen in the system before, press the F8 key (or start your computer hold down the Ctrl keys), in the event of the boot options menu, select "Safe Mode" or "Safe Mode."

1, because the file itself is gray pigeons hidden attribute, so to set Windows to show all files. Open "My Computer", select the menu "Tools" - "" Folder Options ", click" View "cancel" Hide protected operating system files "before the check mark, and the" Hidden files and folders " item select "Show hidden files and folders", then click "OK."

2, open the Windows "search files", the file name input "_hook.dll", Search location Select Windows installation directory (default 98/xp to C: windows, 2k/NT to C: Winnt). 顥?br />
3, after a search, we have Windows directory (without subdirectories), the found a file called Game_Hook.dll

4, according to principles of gray pigeons we know that if Game_Hook.DLL is gray pigeons file, the operating system installation directory there will be Game.exe and Game.dll file. Open the Windows directory, and sure enough there are these two documents, along with a keyboard used to record the GameKey.dll file.

顥?顥?After these few steps we can determine these basic file server is a gray dove, and the following can be manually removed.

顥?gray pigeon manual removal

顥?顥?After the above analysis, it is easy to remove the gray pigeons. Clear gray pigeons still operate in safe mode, two major steps: 1, clear gray pigeons services; 2 program files to delete gray pigeons.

Note: To prevent misuse, we must do a backup before removal.

First, clear the gray of the pigeon service

2000/XP system:

1, open the Registry Editor (click on "Start" - "" Run ", enter" Regedit.exe ", OK.), Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServices registry entries.

2, click the menu "Edit" - "" Look "," Find "input" game.exe ", click OK, we can find the gray of the pigeon service items (in this case is Game_Server).

3, delete the entire Game_Server item.

98/me system:

顥?顥?in 9X, the gray pigeons start only one item, so removal easier. Run the Registry Editor, open HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun item, we immediately see a named Game.exe will Game.exe items can be deleted.

Second, remove the gray pigeons program files

顥?顥?delete the program file is very simple gray pigeons, only in safe mode to delete the Windows directory Game.exe, Game.dll, Game_Hook.dll and Gamekey.dll file, and then restart the computer. Thus, the gray pigeons VIP 2005 server has been cleaned.


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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fraud warning: Fishing the latest plot and potential threats

As consumers and businesses can create a potential threat of cyber crimes, fishing in the past few years to the spread, the deceptive tricks are endless. The current downturn in the economic form, but also provides a breeding ground for fish, there has been the use of new social engineering to fraud without the knowledge of the phenomenon of consumers and business users.

First, fishing without boundaries

Fishing - to lure computer users to provide sensitive information, identity theft and business data - on both businesses and consumers a very real threat. In the past 10 the next year, the infiltration fishing, fishing in the daily attacks around the world, about 8 million times.

Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) reported that, in the second quarter of 2008, light phishing attacks rose by 13%, more than 28,000 times. It also reported that, in the same period, the infected computers to steal the password code, can be used to spread malicious software has been broken on the website 9500 - compared with the same period in 2007, an increase of 258%. Figure 1 shows the fishing - spear phishing in the 16 months of growth.

Second, beware of the latest phishing scheme

* Spear phishing (spear phishing)

Spear phishing attacks only against specific targets, usually the object lock is not a general person, but to a specific company, organization members, such as well-known banks, financial companies and their executives and so on.

Consumers are not the only spear phishing attack target. More and more employees are cunning criminals eyeing. Their goal is to obtain bank information, customer data and other information to support criminal acts of their network.

According to VeriSign iDefense, spear phishing attacks in April 2008 to May during the company launched the attack, reached unprecedented levels. The aim of these attacks is the company's senior management and other important figures. In 15 months, the number of victims of corporate users as much as a staggering 15,000. These victims include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, financial institutions and law firms.

* Business Services phishing

In addition to spear phishing, the fishing new plot also targeted phishing attacks on commercial services. For example, the use of Yahoo! Introduced relations and Google's AdWords for fishing. According to PhishTank report, AdWords customers will be an e-mail to remind them of accounts need to be updated. , The user will be asked to visit the AdWords interface and a fake credit card information. As many SMEs rely on online advertising to provide site traffic, marketing managers who are vulnerable to anglers eye on.

* The use of economic intimidation launch phishing attacks

Gloomy economic situation, as the criminals phishing attacks launched to provide the facilities. For example, e-mail posing as financial institutions need to obtain from a victim of bank cards, deposits and loans and other financial information, to help deal with bankruptcy or mergers, acquisitions and other matters. A large number of mergers and acquisitions information, so that consumers are confused. To make matters worse, the lack of unified communications, even for those who have nothing to fear of fraud.

* Hybrid Fishing / malware threats

In order to increase the success rate, number of phishing attacks with malicious software, combined manner. For example, a potential victim received phishing e-cards sent by mail, by clicking on the card, the user will not know the conditions in a fake Web site to enter, and the infection site to automatically download over the Trojans . In addition, victims may see a message before viewing the cards need to download the updated software (eg Flash). When the user of the software, when in fact it is a keylogger.

Fishing-based keylogger will track each user access record, and monitor them useful information, such as online shopping, bank card accounts and passwords and other sensitive information.

Another allow phishers to capture sensitive information, Trojans, it is redirected. Redirect the user to enter not make its intended site. At present, based on fishing, keyloggers and redirection are pandemic.

* Middleman SSL penetration attacks

In 2008, the emergence of a new encrypted session enables criminals to deceive the malicious software. This variant of the standard middle attack that allows criminals access to the network transmission unprotected passwords and other sensitive information.

* SMS and phone phishing scams

Phishers may use SMS instead of email to impersonate a financial institution and obtain confidential account information. Known as smishing (short message through phishing attacks), is a typical cellular phone fraud, it will notify the user bank account has been compromised or bank card is disabled, and requested a telephone call to restore banking services. Once cell phone users visit the Web site or through automatic telephone system, will be disclosed fraudulent financial information and bank PIN number.

Third, the impact of fishing on the business

While the financial industry has always been a major target for phishing attacks, but it is not the sole objective of being phishing attacks. Online payment, donation sites, retail and social networking sites often become prey to anglers. Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) reported that cell phone providers and manufacturers against phishing attacks also showed a significant growth trend. In other words, no industry or field to escape danger from attack.

Posing as a company's official website phishing attacks, would seriously damage the company's brand image and hurt the confidence of users, allows users to not dare to visit the official website. In addition, the company will be subject to the following effect:

* The impact of customer trust, online revenue and click-through rate will decline

* Once the customer data was leaked, the company should pay compensation

Phishing attacks also cause the user can not easily conduct online transactions, especially for those who do not trust them.

Fourth, to prevent phishing attacks

Although there is no way to deal once and for all phishing attacks, but can still use some techniques to protect your users and your interests.褰撳墠鐨勯挀楸兼妧鏈紝涓昏杩樻槸渚濊禆浜庤浣跨敤鎴风櫥闄嗕吉閫犵綉绔欒幏鍙栫敤鎴蜂俊鎭?璇稿SSL銆丒VSSL绛夋妧鏈湪闃茶寖閽撻奔鍜屽叾浠栧舰寮忕殑缃戠粶鐘姜鏂归潰锛岃繕鏄捣鐫?嚦鍏抽噸瑕佺殑浣滅敤銆?br />

銆??涓轰簡甯姪鏈夋晥闃叉閽撻奔鏀诲嚮锛屽苟澧炲己鐢ㄦ埛淇′换锛屽叕鍙镐篃闇?涓?鍙互鍚戠敤鎴疯瘉鏄庡叾涓哄悎娉曠綉绔欑殑鏂规硶銆侲V SSL璇佷功鍙互甯姪浼佷笟瀹炵幇杩欎竴鐩殑銆傚畠鏄叏鐞冮鍏堢殑鏁板瓧璇佷功棰佸彂鏈烘瀯鍜屼富娴佺殑娴忚鍣ㄥ紑鍙戝晢鍏卞悓鍒跺畾鐨勪竴涓柊鐨凷SL璇佷功涓ユ牸韬唤楠岃瘉鏍囧噯锛岃鏂颁竴浠e畨鍏ㄦ祻瑙堝櫒(濡傦細IE7)鑳借瘑鍒嚭 EV SSL 鑰屽湪鍦板潃鏍忔樉绀轰负缁胯壊锛岃鏅?娑堣垂鑰呰兘纭俊姝e湪璁块棶鐨勭綉绔欏氨鏄?杩囨潈濞佺涓夋柟涓ユ牸韬唤楠岃瘉鐨勭幇瀹炰笘鐣岀殑鐪熷疄瀹炰綋锛屼粠鑰屽寮烘秷璐硅?淇″績锛屼績鎴愭洿澶氬湪绾夸氦鏄撱?

銆??铏界劧缃戠粶鐘姜鍒嗗瓙姝e彉寰楄秺鏉ヨ秺浼氭ā浠垮悎娉曠綉绔欙紝浣嗙敱浜庝粬浠病鏈塃V SSL璇佷功锛屽洜姝ゅ湪鍦板潃鏍忎笂 骞朵笉鑳芥樉绀哄嚭浠栦滑鐨勫悎娉曚俊鎭?

銆??闄や簡鍒╃敤EV SSL璇佷功鎶?湳澶栵紝浼佷笟杩樺簲璇ュ鍛樺伐鍜岀敤鎴峰氨缃戠粶琛屼负鍜屽浣曢伩鍏嶆璇堣繘琛屽浼犲拰鏁欒偛銆傛暀瀵间粬浠浣曡瘑鍒豢鍐掔綉绔欙紝濡傦細鎷煎啓閿欒銆佸己鐑堣姹傜敤鎴锋彁渚涗釜浜轰俊鎭?浼?鍩熷悕鎴栬?鏈煡閾炬帴銆?br />

銆??*鏌ョ湅缁胯壊鍦板潃鏍?br />


銆??涓轰簡娑堥櫎閽撻奔鏀诲嚮甯︽潵鐨勬亹鎯э紝鏁欏鍛樺伐鍜屽鎴锋槸鏍戠珛蹇呰鐨勪俊浠荤殑鍏抽敭缁勬垚閮ㄥ垎銆傞?杩囧府鍔╁鎴风悊瑙e浣曠‘璁や粬浠槸鍚︾櫥闄嗗悎娉曠綉绔欙紝浼佷笟鍙互鑾峰緱鏇村鐨勫湪绾夸氦鏄撳拰鐢ㄦ埛璁块棶锛屽苟鎵╁ぇ鐭ュ悕搴﹀拰鏁翠綋閿?噺銆?br />

銆??缃戠粶閽撻奔浼氱户缁紨鍙樻垚鏂扮殑鑺辨牱锛屽畠浠瘯鍥惧埄鐢ㄤ汉浠浐鏈夌殑鍚屾儏蹇冦?淇′换鎴栬?濂藉蹇冿紝鏉ュ紑灞曚竴杞張涓?疆鐨勯挀楸兼椿鍔ㄣ?鍥犳锛屼繚鎶や紒涓氬搧鐗屽拰瀹㈡埛闇?浼佷笟浠樺嚭涓嶆噲鐨勫姫鍔涖?鍒╃敤鏈?珮绾у埆鐨勫畨鍏ㄩ槻鑼冩帾鏂藉拰EV SSL璇佷功鏁欏鍜屼繚鎶や綘鐨勫鎴凤紝鍙互璁╁鎴峰浼佷笟鐨勫湪绾挎湇鍔″厖婊′俊蹇冦?


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VBScript Month function

Month function

Between 1 to 12 return a integer (including 1 and 12), representing a month of the year.

Month (date)

date argument is any expression that can represent a date. If the date parameter contains Null, it returns Null.

The following examples use Month function returns the current month:

Dim MyVarMyVar = Month (Now)''MyVar contains the number corresponding to the current month.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Tomato Garden" case of first instance pronounced loss of Chengdu, a total of over 10 million soft

Ignited controversy last year, the "tomato garden" Internet piracy cases that come to an end. Reporter learned yesterday from Microsoft China, Suzhou City, Suzhou New District People's Court on the tomato garden to make first-instance ruling copyright infringement case, and the case Xiangguan Tomato Garden in Chengdu, a total of four soft Network Technology Co., Ltd. and the crime of copyright infringement related to the defendant to be punished section and held criminally responsible. Among them, the former station chief of tomato garden Hong Lei was sentenced to three and a half years and fined one million yuan, Chengdu, was sentenced to a total of Soft Networks confiscate the illegal gains and fines totaling more than 10 million yuan.

Pronounced: Chengdu were damaged network is not a small soft

One year later, the case of the first trial of tomato garden formal sentencing. Tomato Garden station in operation in the overall planning and control of business operations Sun Xianzhong tomato garden, was sentenced to three and a half years and fined 1 million yuan; original Tomato Garden station Hong Lei was sentenced to three and a half years, and fined one million yuan. The case of the other two defendants Tianping, Zhuo Yong Liang were sentenced to imprisonment for 2 years and fined 100,000 yuan.

Meanwhile, with the case were related to the soft network Technology Co., Ltd. Chengdu, was sentenced to 292 million yuan of illegal income confiscated and impose a fine of three times the illegal income, about 8.77 million yuan. Yesterday, the reporters on this matter and common software relevant persons, the other party that the current inconvenience to comment on the matter.

Sun Xianzhong one case the defendant, that the original soft-Network Technology Co., Ltd. Chengdu, president of Sun Yu, Tian-Ping Zhang and another defendant, it is soft and common office in the same floor with an office in Chengdu, red berries and Technology Corporation. It is understood, Chengdu were soft by the impact of Tomato Garden case, development was not a small effect. Previously, Sun led the implementation of soft rain and optimization of M & A master development team, which was once were the soft target fixed on the market, but now these have been shelved.

Guess: Microsoft To deter piracy win7

Last year, Microsoft launched in China within the large-scale anti-piracy operation, first chose a tomato garden "surgery." August 2008, in Microsoft's reported, the local public security department had seized the site, and the related suspects were arrested, has created a stir in the industry. Microsoft subsequently launched a series of anti-piracy measures, including a greater impact was the "black" event and so on.

The first instance sentenced the tomato garden, Microsoft will position it as "a declaration of China's largest Internet software piracy group's demise, is the network of China's crackdown on software piracy as a milestone." However, the case for sentencing tomato garden time, the industry has not less speculation. It is reported that Microsoft's next-generation operating system, Windows 7 will be officially listed in October this year, but the time recently on the market there have been pirated Windows 7 CD-ROM software. Some industry insiders believe Microsoft hopes the case's decision to deter those who will operate win7 the pirates.

The first response from the successful large-scale anti-piracy case

Yesterday, for the case of the verdict, the Business Software Alliance believes that this is China's first large-scale network software piracy against the success of the criminal case.

Shanghai Bar Association and Deputy Director of Intellectual Property Rights Committee Min key tour that reveals the Tomato Garden case of piracy, a new industrial chain, the chain in this industry, many companies parasitic on pirated software, pirated software through the download, use, direct marketing its software or services, such parasitic acts not only harm the interest of copyright owner also deprived the user rights of their choice related services so that users were forced to become a particular advertisement audience of piracy steel makers, and made huge illegal interests.


Hong Lei exposes: how rogue software bundled with a monthly income of 100 000

Tomato Garden version of Windows XP on Hong Lei as the "tomato door" after imprisonment, Hong Lei a chat with friends online exposure recording, Hong Lei talking about the tomato garden in which the development process, relying on detailed analysis of the tomato garden rogue software bundled monthly income of more than 10 million profit model, and to disclose a modified version of XP operating system, many industry insider. Hong Lei said in the recording information, Tomato Garden's profit model has three types: a tomato garden Wang Zhan of the clicks on the ad; 2, Hong Lei through their web site provides landscaping package including XP, including software downloads, Zhe Xie a rogue software in the Kun Bang Software, Hong Lei, therefore two or three million profit per month; 3, through the pre-installed version of the rogue software, tomato garden, bring traffic to advertisers or registered users, more than 10 million profit this month.


Tomato Garden case

Confrontation and Law test of Chinese Internet users

After being detained in Hong Lei, has launched a special investigation, more than 150,000 voters have 91.39 percent said "have used the" tomato garden or a similar modified version of the operating system; the answer "on your tomato garden regarding the detained attitude ", the support of tomato garden to 79.88%.

"About Bacheng of respondents support the tomato garden, can not say that they are right. Because Internet users with emotional factors, there are some people, on the understanding and awareness of intellectual property law is a superficial or even wrong." China University of Political Science Civil and Commercial Law Intellectual Property Law Institute Economic PhD supervisor, Professor Intellectual said.

It is understood that the price of a genuine Windows XP is over 1000 yuan, while a modified version of Tomato Garden CD prices, selling prices in major cities in five yuan to 10 yuan.

1 User message: "We strongly support the Hong Lei are, not because they are pirated Windows XP, but because we are stuck with Windows XP depth, Microsoft this' dealer 'too dark, in order to maximize their own interests, to the high prices to' deprived of 'mortal, and the poor in the cyber world' right to life '. "

An Internet celebrities think that the reason why Tomato Garden has been widespread interest because for many years Microsoft has not really against piracy, but the use of pirated software market share against competitors, "let you steal, etc. After you become addicted the future, we will come to collect the money. "

The "tomato" incident, Chinese Academy of Sciences Ni Guangnan author pointed out that no matter what Microsoft is for the purpose, we should all learn a lesson from this incident, to accelerate the licensed software. Software piracy on its own is far greater than the dangers the dangers of transnational software company. Although piracy reduced the income of multinational corporations, but also help them to maintain a monopoly position. China Youth Daily

Tomato Garden website

Is a on May 11, 2004 for domain name registration, the main provider of pirated software downloads, somewhat famous site in the country. Website of the allegedly infringing products cover a variety of domestic and foreign well-known software vendor, including the Business Software Alliance member companies of the products. According to unofficial estimates, Tomato Garden version of pirated Windows XP software installed capacity more than 10 million, so the group and the website also has been regarded as piracy Microsoft representative.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Understanding of EIP

Great variety of online activities and a variety of online way to make our lives more convenient, more colorful, but the enterprise, this change brings the work in the convenience, while still more and more more pressures: on the one hand customers the products and services to enterprises put forward higher requirements, on the other competitors are developing rapidly through the network, try to re-divide the market. At the same time, due to the development of Internet, the emergence of new markets has triggered a new "enclosure movement." Famous Chinese web portal Sohu CEO Charles Zhang companies established in the past two years, he asked about the most prominent feeling, Charles Zhang answered only 4 words: "worry."

This can be summed up in 4 words seem to global business in recent years, the survival and development in the common feeling. If the emergence of computers and networks only for enterprises with more advanced means of production, then the popularization and development of Internet fundamentally changed the business from survival, competition and development of the overall environment. Internet has come a shock wave is so strong that no business can survive on. The disintegration of the past two years the global corporate, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions have closed down and, while a large number of new businesses springing up as fast through the Internet, such as the emergence, rapid impact and occupation of the new and original are the traditional large enterprise market. As the steam engine invented 200 years ago led to mass production society characterized by the Industrial Revolution, today at the turn of the millennium the Internet is creating a major development characterized by a highly interconnected living environment, and new corporate mode of operation. Internet is increasingly global business, customers, suppliers and cooperation partners closely linked, with a new Fu Wu, coordination and operation of creating the new business economy. This new business economy, is the world's leading database provider Sybase products and solutions company called "Internet Economy (ConnectedEconomy)".

Referring to bring about a major event, people often quote a poem by the Tang poet Xu Hun: "Rain Comes from Wind." Now is not the "atmosphere of" time. Online bookseller leap up in the red within a year, PC makers Dell direct sales through online personal PC has been ranked the world's second-largest maker of digital ... successful example at hand. The other side of success is a failure, more and more enterprises in the "worry" attitude in a positive adjustment, waiting in the wings, to prevent being squeezed "out."

Most businesses have recognized the importance of Internet, see the Internet age and even the arrival of Internet economy. Business Internet access, e-commerce, online marketing, the popularity of the concept proves this point. Although there are still online authentication, network security and electronic transactions such as the development of the obstacle, but large number of enterprises active preparations, exploring the way forward in 绮剧 is absolutely correct.

However, there are very real difficulties, but also a large number. Online authentication, network security and online transactions more obvious imperfections are just a few examples, more important is the network size and popularity remains to be greatly improved, the cost to be further reduced. But time waits for no business problems now is that when the barriers one by one were excluded, the Internet economy to full-depth avalanche potential to come, companies are doing well prepared?

The answer is very simple, that is, seize the time, the first practice, "Strength", that is quickly establishing and improving the enterprise information portal (EnterpriseInformationPortal, called EIP).

Enterprise Information Portal Sybase, this concept is strongly advocated. Sybase, noted that the current business should the various existing enterprise systems and integrate resources, to an enterprise private enterprise portal site in the form of all employees, customers, suppliers and partners all the information necessary from and services.

To do so for three reasons:

First, while e-commerce features to the overall Internet economy take some time before the arrival, but the popularity of Internet and business competition has made into the business than service, more than speed, than the quality of the new customer-focused period, while the use of enterprise information portal can business and customers, business partners and suppliers and closely linked to fully tap the business potential and lower operating costs, providing the enterprise's market competitiveness.

Second, most of today's enterprise information system have already experienced from the office automation (OA), enterprise local area network (LAN), enterprise wide area network (WAN), management information systems (MIS) to the enterprise Internet and set up a business Web site, stage, information systems within the enterprise has complete basic development, to integrate them in some way, and unity is "ripe", but also a priority.

Third, Sybase, led a series of enterprise applications and solutions have been or will soon launch a large number of enterprise information portal to help companies build products and solutions, enterprise information portal has been established that there are no technical difficulties, such as Sybadse company recently introduced ybaseAdaptiveServerEnterprise (ASE) 120EnterpriseEventBroker is one of the two "portal-ready (PortalReady)" products.

Since the establishment of enterprise information portal is ripe, the world's many companies have started or are preparing to set up their own enterprise information portal. American consulting firm DelphiGroup recently told the Global 800 enterprises in the survey, found that 55% of the surveyed enterprises have already started the construction of enterprise information portal, 18% of the companies Zheng Zaizuo Zaoqi the preparatory work while 16 percent of enterprises enterprise information portal has been put to use.

DelphiGroup survey showed that companies build enterprise information portals climax is coming, and the world's largest financial management and advisory firm MerrillLynch more to the construction of enterprise information portal to enterprise information technology to improve the construction and investment direction of a high up. MerrillLynch forecast in a report, business investment in information technology, construction and the next high tide will appear in the enterprise information portal, to 2002, global business in this total investment will reach 14.8 billion U.S. dollars.

Internet economy at hand, and enterprise information portal is the door to enter the Internet economy. Let us grasp the opportunity, in the turn of the millennium opened the enterprise information portal that the door to the future fan, proudly into the future.

EIP Enterprise Information Portal:

Enterprise Information Portal EIP As the network economy, are increasingly focusing on timely delivery of information and internal, external direct communication, but also faced this problem: employees, between companies and between all partners and customers need more forms of information exchange, how the simplest way to provide information internally and externally? The company of many different departments and employees have a large amount of data, how to know the different characteristics of their data and appropriate information to those most in need? Enterprise information portal is set up to solve this problem.

EIP is an enterprise of all applications and data into an information management platform and a unified user interface to the user, so that enterprises can quickly build business to business and enterprise information portal for internal employees. EIP is a Web-based system, it provides the distribution of users throughout the business information to help users manage, organize, and query and enterprises and departments related information. Internal and external users only need to use the browser can get the data they need, analysis reports and business decision support information. The emergence of EIP is to meet the growing demand for business if you need more efficient use of corporate resources and information Zi Chan Shu Ju must ensure Neibu and Waibu of Mei Dunengfangwen a user to information.

With the enterprise using a variety of applications, enterprise data began to grow at geometric progression. These data are usually sealed in the enterprise database, host, file server, only a small number of licensed users access to see the data. The emergence of the Internet company to face a flood of information, and to derive some value. Therefore, enterprises need now is an offer for the business organization, search and access valuable information real solution. EIP will enable enterprises of all types of users, including internal employees, partners, suppliers and customers to provide personalized information search, access and analysis capabilities, to help them through effective use of enterprise information assets to make the best business analysis and decision making.

Enterprise Information Portal has the following characteristics:

1. Unified information access channels: through various internal and external independent information relative dispersion to form a unified whole, so that users can access from a single channel of the information they need to optimize business operations and achieve the purpose of increasing productivity .

2. Uninterrupted service: reliable network and security mechanisms so that users at any time, anywhere can access corporate information and applications to ensure the business operation of enterprises will never stop, the network advantages of operating at the extremes.

3. A powerful content management capabilities: the ability of enterprises of all types of information processing EIP supports almost all kinds of structured and unstructured data, can identify more than 90 kinds of relational and OLAP data in a database and can search and process documents in various formats.

4. Personalized applications: data and application information portal can be set for each individual's requirements and offer customized a personalized application portal, improved staff productivity, enhance customer affinity and attraction .

5.'s Integration with existing systems: can the existing enterprise data and applications seamlessly integrated together, without the need to re-development, protection of the original investment.

6. A high degree of scalability: to adapt to the new company and sector adjustment changes, restructuring and expansion to meet enterprise business requirements, IT departments to solve business and technical needs can not be solved within a short time.

7. Safe and reliable security: The security mechanism to ensure data confidentiality and integrity, to protect the normal operation of their business. EIP can provide security mechanisms including authentication, role assignments, user and group privileges, user action monitoring, and specialized B2B security server to establish a secure channel and so on. EIP security mechanisms can be applied to the financial sector, judicial system and business enterprises.

From the above we can see, enterprise information portals on the one hand can increase the efficiency of internal work and reduce unnecessary costs and resource use, enabling businesses to focus on new business development. On the other hand the enterprise and external exchanges and cooperation more efficient, with customers and partners to build a better interaction, resulting in fast-paced, competitive environment to maintain a leading competitive edge.


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Monday, July 26, 2010

"Two-way referral" good medical care recovery mode

The current health care sector parties generally agreed that community hospitals to address "medical treatment is difficult and expensive," the issues. The use of information technology to strengthen community health care management, promote large-scale hospitals and community hospitals between the "two-way referral" is an effective way to improve service levels and useful exploration. Now emerged around the country are many large hospitals and community hospitals between the "two-way referral" model which "restoration mode" is especially noteworthy. Rehabilitation hospitals also received from so many countries to visit the medical profession and the exchange of experience. So, rehabilitation hospitals, "two-way referral" model in the end how? How is the management? IT tools in which what role play? With these questions, head of China's Information Network reporter recently visited the Renaissance Hospital Information Centre Song Yan.

"Renaissance mode" to benefit the 13 million people

Beijing Fuxing Hospital and community health centers on the altar of service constitute the 130,000 residents of the community health service network. Currently, the community has basically realized the "minor illness in the community, serious illness to hospitals, rehabilitation back to the community" for residents to provide medical treatment and health management convenience.

Yuetan Community Health Center is a subsidiary body of Beijing Fuxing Hospital, consists of 10 community health service centers, covering an area of 4.14 square kilometers. 10 community health service stations are small, some large with three general practitioners and three general nurses, while a small two doctors and two nurses with.

Each service station are equipped with doctors and community health management system workstations, the current health service stations of different data-sharing also can not be achieved, but the station has achieved health records and electronic prescriptions. Under a doctor's prescription after the charge office and the pharmacy can check the patient's medical record number to the prescription of the content. Technically, patient payments, obtaining medicine are paperless.

In fact, doctors still have to be equipped with a printer to print out prescriptions, and paid even after the seal. "This is mainly because there is no legal validity of electronic signatures." Yan Song explained: "The patients need a prescription as a medication guide."

Many years behind the success of

Song Yan believes that hospital information must serve the business needs of the hospital to better serve patients, clinicians provide better service and technical support, such as patient data collection for medical research, clinical services provided technical support.

Rehabilitation hospital information construction also experienced a long period of development, according to Yan Song presentation of information from the rehabilitation hospital to start planning for information technology by the end of 1994 - Construction of HIS system. Prior to this, more decentralized management of rehabilitation hospitals, and insufficient use of information technology for clinical and research services.

The end of 1994, started the whole hospital information system demonstration, and made an overall design scheme, building an information platform. After six months of system development, in the July 1, 1995, including hospitalization Department official running, nurses stations, drug stores and charges in the number of subsystems, or the DOS system was used. After two years of debugging, running, in 1997, the system has been recognized by experts in various fields.

From the time point of view, the cost of patient information to achieve the network management. Directly to the network received a single ward, and an access is 26 wards of view, Beijing Fuxing Hospital is the first.

In 2000, the Hospital of the DOS system was upgraded, and the system has further expanded its capabilities, from development to management of patients on the outpatient management. In 2001, the system from DOS to upgrade to the Windows operating platforms. At this point, considering the hospital's internal accounting (all aspects of income), statistical functions have gradually entered the system, and includes the Health Bureau and other higher authorities asked the network reported also connected to the system.

In addition, the health insurance management at this time also gradually embedded in the system. Medicare's "Sharu" HIS system to increase the number of workload. Because they do not simply see a doctor, also includes paid health insurance, hospital information center staff to actively consider the adoption of information systems to meet the medical insurance management system, including increased monitoring, statistics, tips and other functions, greatly facilitates the accuracy of medical advice nurse input .

As the rehabilitation hospital medical insurance management use of information technology work, Bao Zheng the management of timely and accurate, Medicare Zhongxin Beijing 2005 Zuzhi 16 hospitals to rehabilitation hospitals Shen Guan, Chongfenxuexi reference information Jitongruhe Peigeyiliao Bao Xian Jin Xing management of work experience. The management and monitoring rehabilitation hospital information system is more distinctive construction of a module is developed independently by the hospital, the cost of real-time monitor the occurrence of subjects, including the ratio of the current drugs, the average hospitalization costs and other information.

In addition, another more unique hospital infection control module can monitor the situation of hospital infection, including infection, infection and drug susceptibility testing and infection information. Doctors through information technology can directly access the patient from the system information, observing the patient's drug sensitivity, and then under the control of the target, using computers to analyze the data, thus solving the original record of the inconvenience of manual greatly increase the work efficiency.

"Minor illness into the community, serious illness to hospitals, serious illness out of the hospital to return to community" planning ideas, the following main advantages: on the one hand to take advantage of modern network technology, communication technology, control technology and some medical equipment terminal , will extend services into medical and family, personal, maximum expression of these services in a timely manner, at any time, interactive, so that the inhabitants from the time, geographical constraints, can fully enjoy the medical and health services; second, convenient and standard method of collecting patient data, and through higher hospital electronic medical records and interoperability, to share patient data for the next clinic to provide help; Third, support and other remote systems such as transmission between electronic library, preventive use of data for research, and timely detection of cases.

Digital hospital is the most advanced IT technology fully used in the healthcare industry, the core is around access to health services for each person, the whole community health resources and a variety of medical services, such as hospitals, specialists, community health care so connected, integrated into a complete system, to improve the community health service efficiency, reduce operating costs, better serve the community. Rehabilitation hospitals, community-based medical services building, making every community residents really enjoy the digital hospital convenient to them.

Further improve the policy support needed

Song Yan believes that the construction of hospital information services in promoting health care quality and level of enhanced policies and legal systems need to support levels. For example, the promotion of electronic medical records issue is not only to electronic medical records electronic medical records, but also to monitor the quality of medical services, but also from the perspective of the patient, but that patients can learn from the electronic medical records in a number of relevant information in order to better serve patients.

However, the existing legal and institutional lags far behind the application of new technologies, such as electronic patient medical records in the event of a dispute do not have the force of law, hospitals have to secure, in the electronic process must also be parallel with the paper records. To some extent, restricted the application of electronic medical records in depth.

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